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Aberdeen Captioning Leads the Way for Seamless Digital File Delivery

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA, February 28, 2011—Aberdeen Captioning is embracing the digital file trend by offering one-stop file distribution services. Imagine being able to upload your HD source file and have it transcoded with captions and delivered to 5 different stations (3 HD & 2 SD), one international PAL station and 2 internet video sites all with closed captioning. Aberdeen can do it for you! Television stations will no longer be relying on glitchy tapes, missing packages, or incompatible file formats. Matthew Cook, President of Aberdeen Captioning, discusses the benefits of switching to digital files for both producers and TV stations and how his company is at the forefront of this movement.

Cook states, “It's easier for producers to take a file right from their editing system at a high quality and deliver that to us over our internet-based file delivery system, thus eliminating the hassle of going to tape and dealing with shipping charges and delivery times. Depending on file size and upload bandwidth, your full resolution file has the potential to be uploaded in under an hour. You just saved yourself a full day of potential wait time! One of the unique things about our file delivery system is we use a concept called ‘HotFolder’ which does a continual bit for bit checking of the file to ensure there are no lost packets and that the file is delivered completely. And even if the delivery gets broken or the machine gets shut down, as soon as it's reconnected, the file picks up right where it left off. You will even receive an e-mail notification once the file is received on our end. At this point, the producers can either have Aberdeen do the captioning or provide a captioning file.”

After receiving the video and caption files, the workflow moves to the heart of the entire operation—a broadcast level transcoding system that resides on a bank of servers in a level 5 data center. Here the video is transcoded and captions are added to a file that is specifically customized for each individual station’s play server—whether it be one, ten, or 100 different formats! A QC process is completed and then the file is delivered to the station using the HotFolder delivery system. Cook commented, “We’ve built a system that can handle hundreds of files a day. It’s scalable to thousands in an environment that is completely redundant to ensure producers and TV stations complete confidence. This delivery is available for both SD & HD with savings up to 80% versus traditional tape delivery!”

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