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TFWM @ LDI 2007

TFWM is bringing a series of seminars and an action packed pavilion to the LDI 2007 Conference in Orlando, Florida coming up this November!

The Technologies for Worship Conference will feature:

  • 10 in-depth classes on lighting, video and more!
  • Free hands-on technology training workshops!
  • Basic and advanced sessions for volunteers and tech crews!
  • The revolutionary Quiet Stage®, featuring high energy live performances!
  • Much more!
Click here to see a list of all the breakout seminars offered during the conference.

Click here to get a breakdown of all the hands-on classes offered at the TFWM Pavilion (Booth 1987) on the LDI 2007 Exhibit Floor!

TFWM Conference Sponsors

TFWM's participating conference and pavilion sponsors include:
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