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Three Thin Wall Sockets Fit Tight-Cavity Jack Plates

Sonora, California — CruzTOOLS today announced the GrooveTech™ Jack and Pot Wrench for guitar, bass, effects, amplifiers, professional audio equipment, and other music gear.

Musicians are familiar with loosening jack nuts, sometimes with disastrous timing, yet jacks and pots aren’t easily handled by standard hand tools. Some instrument jacks sit in a recessed plate, preventing hand-tightening. With shafts approaching one inch, pots require a socket with enough depth to fully contact the nut. Nuts are very shallow and three principal sizes, both inch and metric, are common.

To address these challenges, CruzTOOLS developed the GrooveTech Jack and Pot Wrench. Three socket sizes – 1/2", 7/16”, and 12mm – are provided in a compact “T” arrangement. Sockets have ultra-thin walls for access into virtually all jack plates. All three sockets are deep enough for pot shafts, with extra depth provided on the 1/2" socket. The GrooveTech Jack and Pot Wrench is forged to precision tolerances and socket ends are smooth for use on delicate surfaces. Professional-grade sockets
contact the nut’s flat side instead of corner to prevent damage. Laser imprinting of sizes allows easy identification, with polished-chrome to round out fit and finish. Measuring slightly over four inches, the GrooveTech wrench will easily fit into instrument cases and gig bags. Suggested retail is $18.95.

“Loose jacks can be maddening and difficult to tighten.” stated Dan Parks, President of CruzTOOLS, “Our new GrooveTech wrench, used with a dab of threadlocker, will handle the problem once and for all. And one tool should take care of all pots and jacks on your instruments, amps, effects, and other sound gear.”

CruzTOOLS provides highly functional tools and tool kits to the motorcycle and music product industries, which are sold through dealers and distributors internationally. For more information, please visit their web site at

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