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Mar. 16th, 2010 - Vol. 2, Iss. 6

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TFWM at the 2010 NAB Show
April 12 - 15 2010: The Technologies For Worship Pavilion at NAB offers comprehensive training for house of worship staff and technical volunteers. The pavilion is set up like a virtual worship environment, incorporating video projection, web streaming, moving lights, digital audio console technology, personal monitoring and live praise and worship music! Keep watching our website for more information!

TFWM at InfoComm 2010!
June 8 - 11 2010: TFWM returns to Vegas with a full training program for house of worship techs, including break-out seminars, the Technologies For Worship Pavilion, All Day Hands-On workshops, guided booth tours an much more. Pricing and details will be posted online very soon!

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Microphone Usage for Sound Reinforcement

By Ray Rayburn

We have been considering how microphones are used for recording, and now will look at why microphone usage for sound reinforcement is different.

The most obvious difference is that the sounds picked up by the microphones are amplified and reproduced into the same room as the microphones. This means there is the possibility of feedback. Feedback happens when the sound from the loudspeakers gets back into the microphones at a level equal to or louder than the sounds you are trying to amplify reach the microphones. >>>Full Story.



Should We Go Digital or Stay Analog? Digital Consoles Part 2

By Curt Taipale

Once you get past the new look of the digital console, and in particular once you figure out where they moved all your knobs, most people find that digital consoles are actually quite easy to drive.

Don’t make them more difficult to understand than they are. In fact, one of the best words of wisdom I’ve heard for learning how to drive a digital console is to just “think analog”.>>>Full Story.


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