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November 9, 2010 - Vol. 2, Iss. 23


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Coverage,  Sound, Design, audio, worship, technology

Coverage - An Important Part of Sound Design

By Ray Rayburn

In past issues we looked at some important factors in the design of sound systems for houses of worship. We have looked at Intelligibility, Clarity, and Background Noise. This issue we will consider Audio Coverage Uniformity. >>>Full Story.


Coverage,  Sound, Design, audio, worship, technology

Running a Soundcheck

By Kevin Watts

How many times has the band raced in the door, ready to rehearse “the new song that we really need to play tonight” only to find that the foldback levels aren’t quite what will work? From “I can’t hear the lead singer” to “the guitars are too loud”, the sound guy is chasing his tail with levels...>>>Full Story.


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Bose Modeler / Auditioner

EASE/EARS Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers



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